Since 2005 Maura Hurley Solicitors has being providing legal advice and representation service to clients. We treat each case individually and with utmost professionalism, our aim is to ensure a successful and fast turnaround for any legal issues our clients present.

With a proven success record in a number of legal areas including Family Law, Criminal Law, Employment Law, Personal Injury Claims, Immigration, Debt Collection, Professional Negligence, Defamation, Sexual Offences we have developed a vast knowledge in these areas of law. We provide a full legal service in a cost effective and personal manner ensuring any legal issues which clients experience on a personal or commercial level are dealt with effectively and expertly.

To discuss your case contact the office of Maura Hurley Solicitors on Tel: 086 7787444 or click here to email.

We have enjoyed an impressive legal track record having successfully represented clients in all courts from the District Court to the Supreme Court. We have also represented clients and negotiated successful outcomes in cases which have evolved to the Labour Relations Commission, Equality Tribunal or the Employment Appeals Tribunal.

We look to apply the law to solve our clients’ problems. We do this by being approachable and understanding of what our clients want and then find the most appropriate way within the law to achieve the desired result. We assist both individuals and companies.

Maura Hurley is an Accredited Mediator with Friary Law.

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