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Maura Hurley Solicitors & Co. Solicitors offer advice on the full spectrum of criminal law, up to and including serious allegations. It is our view that receiving legal advice is a must where a person is at risk of a criminal charge or of appearing in court.

Many people are accused of sexual offences. These types of offences require particular care as an allegation may be based upon quite limited evidence.

Defence solicitors have the job putting forward their clients´ defence and not to judge the case.

Often it is a case of the word of one person against the word of another. People facing allegations under this law are always embarrassed and it is difficult to talk about these subjects but the starting point is to engage a solicitor who will not judge you. The defence lawyer´s job is to represent their client fearlessly, no matter what the case is about.

More emotive and personal than any other allegation, we promise to handle your case sensitively and confidentially. We will never pre-judge you. We will simply assess the case against you, give you clear advice. Maura Hurley Solicitors will fight your corner from the first stages of the investigation.

Our firm has worked on sexual allegations of all kinds. Sometimes the case is a straight dispute over facts, but often there is expert evidence, whether computer evidence in an internet pornography case, psychological evidence in an allegation of childhood abuse, or straightforward forensic evidence. We will always ensure the best expert input.

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