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Maura Hurley Solicitors is one of Dublin’s best known Divorce Solicitors based in Dublin

We will consider the options and help you make an informed decision as to whether a divorce is appropriate for you and if so, when it would be in your interests to start the process.

  • We are issue focused and will look to achieve practical, and cost-effective solutions for your divorce proceedings.
  • We will signpost you to a network of third party support to assist you through the process of your divorce.
  • In the unhappy event of you considering a divorce we will address the following:

  – How to minimise the emotional and financial cost of your divorce

 – Alternatives to a divorce; there may be other suitable options

– Issues involving your children, for example, where they live and the time they spend with each of you;

– Financial issues arising from your separation and possible divorce;

– The options for resolving issues e.g. mediation


A divorce allows both parties to terminate their marital relationship and remarry having been granted a decree of divorce.

The Grounds for a Divorce are as follows:-

The Family Law Act 2019 implements the result of the 2019 referendum. It amends the Family Law (Divorce) Act 1996 and provides that spouses must now live apart for two years out of the previous three years before bringing divorce proceedings. These changes came into effect on 1 December 2019.

There must be no reasonable prospect of reconciliation between the parties.

The courts are in a position to make Property Adjustment Orders, Pension Adjustment Orders and Maintenance Orders, access and custody orders and domestic violence orders namely safety and barring orders and any further orders subject to the Jurisdiction of the court.

An application for a Decree of Divorce may be made in either the Family Circuit Court or the High Court and Maura Hurley Solicitors are here to help you with the application and to give you advices in respect of the procedure. and will deal with such applications nationwide.

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