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Legal Aid / Free Legal Aid Solicitors Services Dublin

Maura Hurley Solicitors & Co. Solicitors offer advice on the full spectrum of family law services.

We provide Legal Services in both Family Law and Criminal matters for people that qualify for Legal Aid.

Please contact this office to discuss the following:

1. Child Support /Maintenance

2. Spousal Maintenance

3. Fathers rights

4. Guardianship

5. Access

6. Custody

7. Domestic Violence

Criminal legal aid

In order to qualify for free legal aid under the criminal legal aid scheme a Judge must consider whether your means are sufficient to enable you to pay for your own legal representation.

Please contact Maura Hurley solicitor at 086 7787444 in respect of any of the following: Murder, Manslaughter & Assault Sexual offences/ Sexual Assault & Rape Drugs, possession and supply and related offences Public Order, Burglary & Theft and related offences Extradition / European Arrest Warrants Road Traffic / Drink Driving Offences Judicial Review & Appeals High Court Bail Applications

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