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Criminal Defense Solicitor Services Dublin

Maura Hurley Solicitors & Co. Solicitors offer advice on the full spectrum of criminal law, up to and including serious allegations. It is our view that receiving legal advice is a must where a person is at risk of a criminal charge or of appearing in court.

Our Solicitors advocate in the District Court on a daily basis. The firm provides a service to clients appearing in all criminal courts within the Dublin and Leinster area. Should you need a Solicitor to represent you at a Garda Station, we are also happy to undertake this.

We offer a personalised, discreet service for all of our clients. Our offices are centrally located in Dublin 7 adjacent to public transport and the Courts. We are highly committed to representing our clients to the highest standards. We advise and represent clients in court on a daily basis.

We strive to accommodate our clients’ needs and are flexible and obliging in the services and appointment times we can offer.

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