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Slip, Trip and Fall Accident Solicitor

Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

Slips, trips and falls in public places happen all the time and leave many people with injuries. Uneven footpaths, broken paving slabs and wet or slippery floors in shops and offices can all cause slips, trips and falls, and can cause serious harm.

However, those responsible for public areas have a duty of care to protect people from injury. Employers have to follow health and safety guidelines to prevent accidents, including tripping over wires or slipping on spills. The same applies to councils, restaurant owners, office managers, and shop owners.

Therefore if you have suffered a trip, slip or fall injury, and another party is responsible for your accident, you could be entitled to make a *slip, trip, or fall claim.

Slips, trips and falls should not happen. Shopkeepers and organisations responsible for public spaces have Slip Trip and Fall duty to make sure their land and buildings are safe for visitors and don’t cause *trip, slip and fall accidents.

If you are injured in such an accident, serious questions must be raised about whether or not a breach of duty has occurred. This might include if a local authority has neglected to repair a defective footpath, a supermarket has failed to clear up a spillage, or a bar, pub or night club has not provided a safe environment. If the negligence of an individual or establishment is to blame for your slip, trip or fall, you will be eligible to make a *personal injury compensation claim.

Trip, Slip and Fall Solicitors

To clarify whether you are in a position to claim, contact us at Maura Hurley Solicitors. This will allow you to establish if you are in a position to make a *slip, trip or fall claim. We have a wealth of experience in trip, slip and fall cases, and have dealt with claims that have arisen due to:

  • *Bar, pub and night club accidents
  • *Footpath trip, slip and fall accidents
  • *Supermarket slip, trip and fall accidents.

 Whatever the exact circumstances of your accident, when a slip, trip or fall happens, we can provide detailed legal advice regarding the options available and the appropriate levels of compensation.

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